Want to learn something every week? Join me in weekly workshops where I share everything I know about a development topic.

Each week I’ll host a two hour live-stream covering that will help you level-up your development skills. You’re welcome to attend live to ask questions and mingle or watch the recording at your convenience.

Starting off the first half of 2019 we'll cover topics on Regular Expressions, Laravel, Git, and PHPUnit in weekly Wednesday workshops. It's a whole new meaning to WWW.

If you have a topic you want me to cover in the second half of 2019, message me on Twitter. Otherwise, check out the schedule.


Learn Regular Expressions

Regular expressions can be used everywhere. They're available in command line tools and most programming languages. As such they're essential to have in your developer toolbox. This workshop aims to provide a foundation in the dense syntax of regular expressions.

Laravel: Getting Started

Laravel is a wildly popular PHP framework. Maybe you've wanted to get started with Laravel. Well this workshop is your chance! It's the first in a series of progressive workshops on Laravel. We'll cover installing Laravel and exploring its artisan features.

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Laravel: MVC

In this second workshop of the Laravel series we'll focus on crafting the models, views, and controllers within a Laravel application. After all, Laravel is an MVC framework and these are the components you'll be coding the most.

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git init

Not as familiar with Git as you might like to be? In this workshop we'll cover the basics of using Git from the command line and practice all the commands necessary to make changes and manage your work.

Laravel: Beyond MVC

In this third workshop of the Laravel series we'll go beyond the basic MVC features and look at ways to craft these core components of you application in a way that leverages additional features of the framework.

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Laravel: Blade Sharpening

In this Laravel workshop we'll sharpen our Blade skills by exploring its expressive directives and discussing ways to structure your templates.

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PHPUnit: Getting Started

Testing is a central part of writing code. We all know this. However, sometimes it might be a challenge to get started with testing. In this workshop, we'll build a foundation using the de facto testing framework within PHP – PHPUnit.

Laravel: Deeply Eloquent

Laravel provides a very powerful ORM as part of the framework named Eloquent. In this workshop we'll explore ways to leverage its features within our Laravel application so we write less, but more expressive code.

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Laravel: Advanced Features

In the final in the series of Laravel workshops it's time to cover the advanced features provided by the framework. These include using: Jobs, Commands, Events, Policies, and more.

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Jason McCreary


Hi. I'm Jason McCreary. I go by JMac.

I've been programming for over 20 years. During that time, I’ve given over 100 talks at 37 conferences. To reach a larger audience, I'm sharing everything I know in these workshops.


Another benefit of these workshops is the chance to mingle. As an attendee, you'll have access to a dedicated Slack workspace.

Through Slack you'll be able to discuss topics, ask questions, share resources, and network with others attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with PayPal?

Sure. Just send payment to jmac@workshopsbyjmac.com and I'll get you registered.

What if I can't attend at the Workshop time?

I realize personal schedules and timezones make attending the live workshop difficult. All workshops are recorded and available to watch (or rewatch) at your convenience.

Even if you didn't register ahead of time, you may still watch a previous workshop and are always welcome to ask your questions in Slack or send them to me.

Can I ask questions during the workshop?

Yes. I reserve the last part of each workshop for attendees to answer any questions live. You are also encouraged to ask your questions in Slack to get answers from other attendees.

Do I need to attend all the workshops in the Laravel series?

No. They are grouped into related topics so you can pick and choose which to attend. It's not required to attend the previous workshops if you are already familiar with its topics. Of course if you're getting started with Laravel, you are encouraged to attend them all.

How do I purchase tickets for my team?

Have a viewing party! You are welcome to register on behalf of your team. I do ask if your team is distributed you register separately. While this is on the honor system, viewer spots are limited based on registration.

What if I have another question?

No problem. Just email me. Unless I'm sleeping, you'll receive a pretty snappy reply.